From Scary Financial Numbers to Inspiring Stories

Financial Projections offer a powerful way to make strategic decisions to reach a founder’s vision. In this talk, Florian Cornu guides us through the methods to build a solid model as well as techniques to turn the projections into convincing stories for C-Suites and investors.

Participants will learn:

– The benefits of Business Modelling & Financial Planning
– How to turn a business model canvas into and executable plan
– How to evaluate resources needed to achieve the founders’ vision
– How to know if you need to raise funds. How much and when.
– How to dive into data to ensure credibility of a plan
– Methods for business storytelling (change analysis, cohorts and more)

How to prepare investors-ready financial projections

In this workshop, we cover:

1. The basics of financial statements: 

– P&L, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow
– The differences between profitability and cash flows

2. The key concepts for business modelling and financial planning

– Tools and process to use and follow

3. Business storytelling

– Identifying key insights of a business plan
– Presenting a vision turned plan with numbers and unit economics

The workshop is very useful for entrepreneurs preparing to fund raise. They will get their assumptions and needs ready to pitch to investors with the financial knowledge expected from top entrepreneurs.


When cars drive themselves, what do accountants do?The Evolution of the Finance Team Role

What have been the technological improvements coming to the finance function to date and what will be available in the future? In this workshop, we envision the more and more automated processes and systems available to improve the financial visibility of a company. We discuss tools and technologies available to make decision making faster and better.

As an engaging discussion, participants will be invited to share their own experience of automation and have the opportunity to learn from other implementations to make their own systems more modern.

Being in control of your Company: Understand fund raising and dilution

In this workshop we focus on the intricacies of cap tables. We explain the key terms and mechanisms which impact shareholders.

  • What is dilution and how to plan for it
  • What is a Liquidation Preference and how to negotiate it with investors
  • Which other terms most impact founders and shareholders