SaaS Metrics

The problem

“What is my churn? Is my good or not?
How do I monetise my clients better?”

Future Flow’s solution

Having our mind in the cloud for years and working with several SaaS companies, we analyse a company setup (payment gateways, customer base, etc…) and design a process to extract SaaS metrics and present them in a way strategic decisions can be made.

The Art of Making your SaaS metrics Talk

In this workshop, we take the audience of a journey, starting from the key LTV/CAC metric to understand the other key metrics, their definitions, limitations and practical tips for SaaS entrepreneurs to get the visibility they need and act on it.

The workshop has been given at Sequoia::SaaS in front of 15+ SaaS startups representing 400+ staff and $30m + of funding, at Typeform, and Xoogler learning session.

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