Xero Expenses Analyser


Detect trends in your expenses at a supplier and account granular level to ensure proper accounting and cost management.

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Why this Xero Expenses Analyser?

We love Xero and use it extensively for accounting of fast growing businesses.
But reporting available to analyse trends with third parties (suppliers/clients) is poor.

This file is to extend its possibilities by generating quick insights we are lacking in Xero itself:

  • Monitoring monthly trends of expenses by contacts and P&L accounts
  • Monitor third party accounts, such as deposits and prepaymentsSuch insights helps ensure monthly accounts are correct, giving better visibility over time, and avoiding annual stress for tax recording

What will you find thanks to Xero Expenses Analyser?

  • Deposits hold by suppliers while a service is not used anymore and the deposit should be refunded to you.
  • Prepayments not being accrued against expenses.
  • Monthly accruals not matching the amount which should be accrued based on the annual expense payment.
  • Software with increasing cost and/or not being used – We suggest you to share the list of software with your team and to find out who uses what (we have a more advanced template for this, contact us if needed)


  • This file is set for up to 50 third parties (suppliers…), 2,000 transactions and 12 months of data. You can extend the file to manage more third parties and months by adding rows/columns (basic Google Sheets skills required).
  • You need a Google Account to access the file
  • You will be invited to make a copy of the Google Sheet: as usual with Google Sheets, once you copy, you are the owner and you manage the user rights. It’s your file.
  • Xero Expenses Analyser is not affiliated with Xero


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