From OCBC csv to Xero in just 4 minutes.


Why Bank2Xero::OCBC?

There are unfortunately no feed available for OCBC in Singapore, so we came up with this Google Sheets template which makes it as painless as possible.

We believe that Bank2Xero::OCBC is the easiest way to import your bank statement into Xero.

What does Bank2Xero::OCBC do?

Our goal was to have a template to convert a csv statement downloaded from the bank to a csv in the format Xero requires. We build it for our own needs. We then released it publicly, and have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs and SMEs benefiting from it.

While still manual (we can’t wait for all banks to have direct feed to Xero),  it makes the process as fast and painless as possible.

When you use Bank2Xero::OCBC, you can get your bank statements in Xero in just a few minutes (like… 4 minutes).

  1. Download the OCBC csv statement online
  2. Import in the Bank2Xero::OCBC Google Sheet: magic formulas format it the way Xero wants it
  3. Upload to Xero
  4. That’s the number of minutes it takes for the process 🙂
  • You need a Google Account to access the file
  • You will be invited to make a copy of the Google Sheet: as usual with Google Sheets, once you copy, you are the owner and you manage the user rights. It’s your file.
  • Bank2Xero is not affiliated with Xero nor OCBC
  • The template used to be called OCBC2Xero. The named was changed to Bank2Xero as more banks were added over time
  • Why not an Excel template? We believe in online software, being collaborative by nature… just a url away.


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