Executive Dashboard

The problem

“Oops, my investors want to see my progress… how do I show that?”

Future Flow’s solution

We identify the key metrics which matters across the company and aggregate them in a clear executive dashboard allowing to keep the CEO, senior management and Board consistently informed.

Solutions we Work With

Every company is unique, so we pick the most suitable solution to match the team culture and data availability.

Some of our favorite solutions

Google Sheets and Google Data Studio – The flexibility offered by these free software, as well as the ease of use make it a very appealing options for some teams. (And we know how to do very powerful, yet simple, spreadsheet dashboard… see Epic Sheets.

Google Sheets - Dashboard 


For more detailed and powerful dashboard, with deep analytics features, we love to work with data straight from databases (the metrics which matter most are usually stored there). For this, we look at SQL-based analytics solutions, such as Periscope Data and Holistics.

Holistics - SQL analytics

Periscope Data - SQL Analytics

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