Xero Training

Get the most out of Xero for timely, accurate, and useful financials.


“How do I use Xero to answer financial questions?

“Am I using Xero the most efficient way?

Xero is a beautiful, simple, yet powerful accounting software, which is often under-utilised.

You probably wonder if your accounting could be done faster, in less time, quicker after the end of the month, and with more consistency.

You might want to get more insights out of the financial statements.

You might wonder if Xero is still the right solution for your business.


We want to help you make the most out of Xero and gain live financial visibility, even if you’re not an accountant.

The Steps To Xero Mastery

  • Preparation:
    • You can send questions you have in mind for us to prepare and personalise the trainings
    • You will plug your companies to zenflow to allow assessment of your accounts.
  • Video Call Training:
    • Over a ~2 hour video call, we will demo the key features of Xero, and tips to use them at best.
      • How to quickly import Bank Statements (through Bank Feeds, or through Bank2Xero)
      • How to use Xero Bank Rules to automate bank reconciliation
      • How to record and recognise revenue and cost accurately
      • How to record accruals for monthly visibility
      • How to manage assets and depreciation automatically
      • How to obtain a group view of your finances with zenflow live group consolidation
      • How to avoid past numbers to be changed
      • How to manage Receivables and Payables
  • Follow Up Support:
    • For 1 month after the training session, you can ask follow up questions by email (fair usage applies: this is not about outsourcing your accounting to us; but for us to guide you on using Xero 🙂

What happens once purchased

  • You will be invited to send your questions regarding your current usages
  • You will be invited to connect to zenflow, our Robo-CFO, to allow an assessment of your finance process.
  • We will find a date for the video-call training to take place (Google Hangouts, zoom or similar online video conference platform)

The training is for up to 6 people in one company (or group of companies)

Your Expert

The training is run by a Certified Xero Advisor, with 6+ years of experience and dozens of companies of different size (like… from inception to million $ revenue).

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