Option Pool (ESOP) Grant and Vesting Management Google Sheet

This is a comprehensive file to manage your company’s ESOPs: Grant, vesting and exercise with clear dashboard by staff and at company level.

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ESOP and options are common to attract talent.
But managing ESOP is cumbersome.

This file is for you to properly manage ESOP and vesting

Once you have more than 2 or 3 options given to employees, remembering the terms is a nightmare. Staff will want to know their vesting schedule and your days will pass by before you can even notice.

We created this file to simplify the process.

A powerful Google Sheet, the file will guide you to record the different option pools, grants and exercise as they occur.

This data will be turned automatically into clear useful dashboards:

  • Company level: How many grants have been made? How many shares do these cover? What’s the status of the vesting and exercises for these? How much % of the company does it represent?
  • Plan level: For each Option plan (also called option pool), you will be able to dive into the number and find out what’s remaining of the plan. So you can prepare for the next pool to attract world class talent when needed.
  • Holder level: For each holder, you will visualise the history of grant, vesting and exercise. It’s a 1 pager you can easily share with the employees.

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