Founders Agreement & Cap Table Intensive

In this intensive session, we facilitate the conversation for co-Founders to align their values and vision regarding running a company together. We also explain the different rights, responsibilities and terms related to being a shareholder.


“How do you ensure a good relationship between founders for your company’s long term success?

“What are the topics founders should discuss when they start working together?

When you start your company, or at least before you take your first external investors, you need to have clear agreements about the rules to manage your business.

In this Founders Agreement & Cap Table Intensive session, we cover these points and other key principles which rule relationships between shareholders.

Tag along, drag along, liquidation preference, reserved matters, vesting, convertible notes… We make it crystal-clear to you and your team. We adapt it to YOUR needs. To YOUR values. To YOUR visions. To your personal situations and fears as founders.

Every business and every founder is different, this session is designed to guide you find the solution which works FOR YOU.
Shooting for a 🦄 unicorn or a 🏖 lifestyle business?
A heavily 💰 funded company or a 👢bootstrapped one?
A 🤑 quick win or a 🏗 lifelong endeavour?
All models are acceptable… as long as they match what you and your cofounders want!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Know your terms now!

What happens once purchased?

  • You will be invited to pick a time convenient for you
  • You will receive a few preparation questions (less than 6 minutes of your time to fill)
  • The session will be held through Google Hangouts or similar online video conference platform. The session usually last around 2 hours.
  • During the session, our expert will explain key terms, and listen to your specific situation to help you find the solutions which works for you and your team.
  • You can contact us for quick follow up email questions up to 2 weeks after the session.

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Up to 2 hours


Face to Face or Video call