Cap Table & Funding Dilution Modelling

Turn your fund raising legal documents into a friendly visual model


Turn your Cap Table into a clear Model

You might have used one of our Cap Table Template (if you did not, we invite you to start by that: Future Flow Free Cap Table Template) and loved the way it turns your funding rounds into clear dilution stories.

If the template does not cover your case or if you need help to understand your specific terms, we will be happy to help you through this Cap Table & Funding Dilution Modelling.

Not only will you have a clear view of your current table, you will also receive relevant illustrations showing the potential impact of an upcoming capital raise on your cap table of shareholders.

What's included and step

1. The client provide documentations
  • Share certificates or similar for outstanding shares (up to 20 shareholders)
  • Convertible notes terms and/or documentation (up to 2 notes)
  • ESOP terms and/or documentation (up to 2 ESOP pools)
2. Future Flow models the current cap table and potential next round
  • Shareholders, Series and profiles as possible
  • Terms attached to shares and notes: conversion model, liquidation preference, priorities and pro rata
  • Modelling of the next round impact is included with range of potential terms (down round, up round, liquidity)
3. One Revision round
  • Should some additional terms be found, Future Flow will revise the model to account for them

The service is provided remotely with regular communication by email, and Zoom/Google Hangouts calls as needed.

Due to the uncertainty and wide differences of documentations which can be used, Future Flow reserves the right to decline an assignment after receiving documents in case the documentations and terms make the modelling not possible under the proposed scope.
Should such cancellation happen, Future Flow will fully refund the Client within 7 days.

Additional information

Delivery Format

Google Sheet


Emails, Zoom and Google Hangouts as required