Internship Offer

Research and Market Analysis Intership

What is Future Flow

Future Flow works with entrepreneurs, CEOs, COOs and CFOs of fast growing companies, to guide them along their growth journey.

We build business models and financial plans to achieve business goals while best allocating resources.

We analyse unit economics to ensure growth makes sense.

We design and bring to life executive dashboards to bring visibility to teams, helping managements with their operations to allow strategic decisions to be made.

Companies we work with include self funded and VC-backed startups from Seed to Series B.


What you will do

We publish useful information and templates helping teams to be more productive. We have much more content on our roadmap and we want your help to bring it to the world.

You will work on the next publications, from ideation to release. This includes:

  • Prepare research plan. From an initial research topic, you will break it down in several steps.
  • Execute the research plan. Using available resources, you will find useful information, analyse it, model it, compare it, sketch it… to access the most useful insights.
  • Summarize and visualise findings. With valuable insights ready, you will make it presentable and publishable on different platform (our own site, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, …)

Some of our research has been published publicly through SaaS Business Asia and Map of the Money as well as internal research.

Research topics include business landscape analysis, lead generation, business templates.

You will also take part in our activities of business modelling, financial planningunit economics coaching and executive dashboarding.

What you will learn

  • You will learn how to transform data into actionable insights.
  • You will learn about several business models, and how to monitor and analyse them.
  • You will learn data storytelling, bringing together real metrics and communicate it for anyone to understand.
  • We think cloud-first, so we use many SaaS software and leverage them as much as possible. You will use these daily and learn their ins and outs, making you super-productive:
    • Google Sheets – Spreadsheets are magical 🙂 While the goal is always to automate and avoid the need for spreadsheet, realistically spreadsheets are still everywhere. So we make them… Epic! You will get to know the best practices and key features and formulas to save hours of work and get much better insights. You will become a Google Sheets Magician! (You might even start dreaming of spreadsheets)
    • Other Google Docs/Slides/Drive – We love the natively collaborative nature of Google docs. All documents are just a url away.
    • Asana – Another key tool for collaboration, we use Asana to create processes and project manage. Our brain power goes from having to remember stuffs to actually executing.
    • Xero – If applicable. Our favorite accounting software. We leverage it to automate accounting and obtain real time visibility into a company’s financial health.


  1. Curiosity. Unbounded curiosity.
  2. Passionate work ethic (You must love what you do).
  3. Belief in online collaboration. We do not use offline or non-natively online documents.
  4. At least intermediate experience with spreadsheets (hopefully already through Google Sheets).
  5. Attention to detail.
  6. Ability to keep the big picture in mind despite such attention to details.
  7. A love for challenging and being challenged. We believe in Radical Candor and having clear Principles which can be discussed and argued on. You need to love expressing your own rationales, receiving honest feedback and using feedback to improve your work. Even better is if you love helping others improve their work too.

How to apply

  • Make sure that you match the requirements, including #7.
  • Explain your current personal learning goals. We believe in continuous personal development and self learning. Knowing what you are trying to learn, we can adjust your scope of responsibilities to get you there faster. Detail
  • Show you always find potential improvements. Looking at this very own internship offer, or at our website, give a few recommendations to make them better.
  • Do not copy/paste a cover letter sent to several other companies. Explain why this offer is of interest to you.

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