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The key principles we operate with

  • We think online-first: We help businesses embrace the cloud for their operations. We do the same for ourselves. If something is not in the cloud, it does not count. Sounds normal, but we still encounter many companies not taking full advantage of it.
  • We deliver OCD high quality work: Finance includes plenty of numbers and tables… so we make it as simple and pretty as possible through best practice formatting. Numbers without thousands separators and double spaces make us sick. Inconsistent wording too. We help our clients avoid confusion, so we cannot be confused ourselves.
  • We believe in personal development: Companies are platforms one can leverage to learn. We help teams of our customers enjoy their work and grow. And we do that internally too. Lifelong learning is the way to go.
  • We care about results more than efforts: Having everything online and being self learners, we are not bound by time and location, only by deliverable to customers.

Some of our favorite books that we suggest for reading as they inspire us for the work environment we aim to build, are

Contact us at or look at the profiles below.

When applying, we appreciate candidates who show their curiosity and ability to share insights. For example, what are your views about crypto-currencies, AI or fund raising?

Profiles we are looking for

Software engineers

  • Goal: We’re turning business modelling best practices into software.
  • Languages: Ruby on Rails, Javascript. PostgreSQL. AgGrid. Xero.
  • Positions: Full time and part time
  • Locations: Based in Singapore or remote
  • See Software Engineer Job Offer.

Accountants and finance executives

  • Goal: In our financial planning work, we need to have past and present data. That leads us to accounting work. We leverage Xero with add-ons such as Receipt Bank and Expensify to automate accounting as much as possible.Come work with us if you want to learn and master the art of real time accounting and automation. You will be ready for the wave of automation which is reducing the scope of work of accountants. So you won’t be replaced by a robot in a few years.
  • Positions: Full time and part time
  • Locations: Based in Singapore or remote


  • Goal: Before delivering work to our clients, we have to make documents, decks and websites look good.
  • Positions: Part time and contract based
  • Locations: Based in Singapore or remote


  • We love sharing our experience and training students during internships. Responsibilities might involve research, lead generation, marketing as well as business analysis.
  • Some of our internship programs are:
    • Research. We love doing and publishing research (Future Flow supports ecosystem initiatives such at SaaS Business Asia and Map of the Money). We believe in data (Have you watched the movie The Big Short? Research allows Michael Burry to find out what’s really happening and act on it). We have plenty of research topics ready for who wants to get their hands dirty.
    • Marketing and Lead Generation.
  • See Internship Description.