How to Record Accruals and Amortisation in Xero

The Step by Step Guide

“Are you finding it difficult and time consuming to record accruals?

“Are you not recording accruals because it’s too time consuming?

What would you think of recording accruals in seconds?

We believe financial statements are much more accurate and useful when accruals are recorded monthly instead of just once a year.

We want to show you…

  • How to record accruals in seconds
  • How to generate schedules in seconds
  • How to see the clients and suppliers details of your prepayments, deferred revenue and other accruals and amortisation

Xero makes recording of accruals seamless. No reason to not record them anymore.


In short:

  • Do not use Manual Journals.
  • Leverage Sales Invoices and Purchase Bills instead.

You can pretty much automate accruals recording.

Read more with our ultimate step by step accruals recording guide:

NEW: Read the guide, watch the 5minute video and download the free schedule generator done by zenflow:

The Better Way to Record Prepayment Amortisation in Xero