Growth Table Cheatsheets

What are the Growth Table Cheatsheets?

Have you ever wondered “How fast do I need to grow to achieve my target?”“With my current growth rate, where will I be in a year?” and similar questions?

We made these tables to give the answers without opening a calculator.

Three tables show how the three variables work together:

  • Rate of growth: How fast a number is growing on a monthly basis
  • Time frame: Over which period (in months) such growth is achieved
  • Return: The overall change from an initial number to the final one, with the growth rate applied over the time frame


For example:

  • Do you want to double size within a year? You need a 5.9% monthly growth.
  • Do you want one of your metric to increase 10x within 2 years? You need a 10% monthly growth over the period.
  • You’re growing at 25% month over month, and believe you can maintain this over 21 months? You will grow more than 100x over the period!

How to use the Growth Table Cheatsheets?

The PDFs can be printed for quick reference when chatting about growth and targets.

The Google Sheet template is useful to do simulations with your own numbers.