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Future Flow’s Financial Planning template is
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Even better, it is:
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✔️ made on Google Sheets.

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Basic Modelling and Unit Economics For Lead Generation (Lead gen) businesses

Understand the impact of your business strategies with this simple Business Model Google Sheets template. Based on a Lead Gen model, it extracts your Unit Economics to arm you with the knowledge for strategic decisions.

  • Clear Inputs: A single page of input allows to model all you need.
  • Unit Economics: Cost per visitors, Cost per conversion, Revenue per $1 of Acquisition Cost – You’re covered!
  • Beautiful Charts: Your pitch deck will be done in second with charts ready to present.
  • P&L, Balance Sheets: The basic financial statements are included, on monthly and annual basis.
  • Cash Flows: Include funding and understand where the cash burn will occur.


Beautiful Charts to Visualise Unit Economics and Plan

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The template is a Google Sheet file, not an Excel: We believe the natively online nature of Google Sheets make them better suited to modern companies than Excel does. Who likes to deal with deprecated versions?