Updates to our map of SaaS in the Philippines, now with 12 companies

Proving that the Philippines SaaS ecosystem is very exciting, IMJ Investment Partners, 500 startups and Kickstart Ventures just announced an investment in mClinica. We updated our map of SaaS, adding 5 businesses, which brings us to 12 such companies identified in the Philippines.

Similar to our maps of SaaS in Singapore and in Malaysia, we now group them by ‘internal’ for those optimising business processes and external for those connecting with new customers and stakeholders.

mClinica connects pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies to provide better healthcare to patients. Founded by Farouk Meralli.

TwitMusic connects music artists to their audience through social media campaigns. Founded by Stefano Fazzini.

Imonggo claims to be the “world’s easiest Point Of Sales” (POS) system. It is developed by Movmento, with presence in the US, Singapore and the Philippines.

Smartfleet automates operations and monitoring of fleets of vehicles.

Cogito helps businesses to create and automate business processes.

This article was initially published on SaaS Business Asia dedicated website. The SaaS Business Asia site was closed in 2019 and moved to Future Flow.