Map of the SaaS Businesses in Singapore

After the Philippines and Malaysia, comes the map of Singapore-based SaaS companies. For simplicity I grouped the 26 companies, at different stages and with many different offerings, as “internal” for those improving productivity and business processed vs. “external” for those helping businesses reach more customers.

While in the US, we can find a few B2C SaaS businesses, such as LinkedIn and Dropbox, this part of the world is only B2B (we are still hunting for some B2C… please help us uncover them).

External tools to reach more and better customers

TradeGecko: inventory management system founded in 2012 by brothers Cameron and Bradley Priest, and Carl Thompson. Spreadsheets and Shopify are driving you crazy to manage your inventory? Give TradeGecko a try!

Collabspot: CRM integration within Gmail, founded by Jeremi Joslin. SugarCRM and Salesforce straight in your inbox, so you can manage your business, instead of managing your CRM.

Pie: business chat by Thijs Jacobs and Pieter Walraven. If the founder of mind-blowing creative agency BBH says that “Thanks to Pie, inspiration just got easier”, there might be some truth to it.

Quickly: Gmail contextual actions, founded by Madhu and Utkarsh Apoorva. Soon to be launched, Quickly promises to make emails much more actionable.

LawCanvas: legal templates founded by Daniel Leong and Mark Png. Wondering how to do a NDA, Terms of Service or Privacy Policy? LawCanvas provides ready to use template.

Klinify: health care patient records, founded by Krishanthan Surendran and Nishanth Sudharsanam. While some try to change the workflow of doctors, Klinify focus on making life of doctors easier with their hand writing tablet.

theArena: quantitative appraisal for recruitment by Amanda Misso.

Payday: who does not like to receive their pay? 

Silent, by Julia Markiewicz and Martin Markiewicz, makes searching within a corporate world much better (Is it more than a week that you wasted time searching for a document on your company’s network? probably not)

Crayon Data turns Big Data into value for their customers. Co-founded by Suresh V Shankar and Srikant Sastri. Suresh knows what businesses need, having sold his previous venture to IBM in 2009)

Deskera provides CRM, Project Management, ERP and other business tools.

Talenox simplifies payroll, scheduling, time tracking and leave functions. Founders Gordon NgEdwin FengSebastian Kang and Dan Gernez wants employees to “fall in love with HR all over again”.

Versafleet brings the logistics of managing vehicles (we’re talking about trucks, vans, motorbikes…) fleet to the cloud. Founded by Shamir Rahim.

LittleLives brings smile to educators, parents and kids by providing the system to manage kindergardens. Founded by Sun Ho

Internal tools to make businesses more efficient

Hoiio provides communication tools, such as SMS, calls and fax so that businesses can automate and manage the way they interact with their customers. Founded by Low Chee Seng (CEO), Ong Junda, Kok yew meng and Ong kok Choong.

Zopim powers live chats on thousands of website. The company founded by Royston TayWenxiang WuYang Bin KwokQing Ru Lim and Julian Low got acquired by Zendesk just weeks before the latter IPO-ed on the NASDAQ.

Beatrix is the social media assistant of hundreds of companies. Founder Jon Yongfook is a growth hacker junkie. He even wrote the Growth Hacking Handbook.

Scrollback is run by Gaurav Srivastava who wants it to be the mobile version of forums, similar to what Twitter is to blogs and Whatsapp to emails.

Gimmie provides white label loyalty programs. Founded by David Ng.

PitchPigeon, the previous creation of Jon Yongfook, is a PR assistant, now acquired by US-based Mikrolink.

Our Health Mate, founded by Abhinav Krishna, allows expatriates to care for their family, booking their medical appointments remotely (think: remittance, with a purpose…).

ReferralCandy provides referral programs to big global brands. Founded by Dinesh Raju and Zach Cheng.

Gametize is the brainchild of Keith Ng, who loves to gamify anything, including banks such as DBS and Standard Chartered.

Minematic powers retention marketing. Founded by Rishi Gupta.

Teamie is a social collaborative learning platform founded by Shivanu Shukla and Ashwin Singh

Mobikon improves F&B operations through mobile ordering, digital feedbacks and loyalty programs. Founded by Samir Khadepaun.

This article was initially published on SaaS Business Asia dedicated website. The SaaS Business Asia site was closed in 2019 and moved to Future Flow.