Dive into the Southeast Asian ecosystem

More than 30 SaaS companies of all sizes responded to our first survey for Q4 2014, giving it insights into the state of the ecosystem, the tools they use, the acquisition channels in place and metrics benchmarks.

While the detailed report is reserved to the participants themselves and on demand, we are publishing some overview of the ecosystem.

– Age of SaaS companies
– Business models (SaaS vs. consulting/services)
– Funding of SaaS startups
– BI & Analytics softwares they use (Google Analytics…)
– Hosting platforms (Amazon AWS…)
– Marketing softwares (Mailchimp…)
– Customer support softwares (ZenDesk)
– Other softwares (Slack, Zopim, Salesforce…)
– Conversion rate benchmark from visitors to leads
– ARPA benchmarks
– MRR growth rate
– Customer acquisition channels

Get the PDF report on Slideshare: