Meetup #5 – Delicious Tech: How SaaS improves F&B operations and margins?

The F&B industry was an early adopter of technology, leading the way by implementing POS and digital payment solutions.

More recently, a rise of SaaS applications is bringing a new wave of innovation, covering the full spectrum of F&B experience: from marketing to retention, and suppliers management.
In this meetup, we are bringing two F&B owners to share their latest development and challenges and two SaaS solutions providers.

The panel will welcome:
– Katherine Desbaillets, wonder woman helming the Salad Stop group: 15+ stores in Singapore and expanding internationally.
– Alvin Wong Tze, owner and director of Maki San, with 15 outlets across Singapore.
– Niles Toh, Founder & CEO of FoodRazor, a suppliers management solutions quickly becoming the favorite way for restaurants to manage their inventory.
– Ze Yan Lim, Founder & CEO of Oddle, an online ordering system you probably ordered from when not UberEating.