16 startups now in our updated Malaysia’s SaaS map (v2)

Going from 5 to 16 identified SaaS businesses in Malaysia, we are now using the same classification than for our Map of SaaS in Singapore: Internal tools for services improving business processes and external tools for those allowing to reach more customers.

Internal tools to improve business processes

StoreHub is a POS (Point of Sales) founded by Wai Hong Fong and Congyu Li.

Tapway uses videos and wifi connexions to track and understand real life’s behaviours. Founded by Chee How Lim.

Office Central, provides Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, Accounting and CRM.

Innov8tif provide mobile solutions to businesses, from sales acquisition to digital signatures. Founded in 2011 by Tien-Soon Law and George Lee.

External solutions to reach more customers

57 Square, is a mobile app creation platform founded by Maverick Ling.

Instant-e-store (by founder and CEO Charles Tang) and WebShaper (Adrian Oh) are online store platforms.

TableApp, generates bookings for 100+ restaurants. Founded by Benson Chang

Evenesis is a complete solutions to manage events, from planning to guests lists and feedback collection and analysis.

Hamele is a social media marketing management tool for marketers, including promotions/contests, real-time campaigns and analytics. Co-founded by Karu Khoo.

MobileAds generates mobile rich media ads. Founded by Alvin Koay.

This article was initially published on SaaS Business Asia dedicated website. The SaaS Business Asia site was closed in 2019 and moved to Future Flow.