Download Growth Table Cheatsheets

As part of our efforts to publish useful resources for entrepreneurs, we built and released the Growth Table Cheatsheets.

What are the Growth Table Cheatsheets

Along their growth journey, entrepreneurs set targets on different metrics. Such targets should include a deadline to ensure the metrics are impacted during a reasonable time frame (otherwise any number goes to infinity given enough time and any positive growth).

Given a time frame and a number increase, the third variable is the growth rate matching the two first variables.

For example:

  • Do you want to double size within a year? You need a 5.9% monthly growth.
  • Do you want one of your metric to increase 10x within 2 years? You need a 10% monthly growth over the period.
  • You’re growing at 25% month over month, and believe you can maintain this over 21 months? You will grow more than 100x over the period!

Where to get the cheatsheets

We are making the 3 tables available as a free download. The Google Sheet is also available, including the tables, examples and even personalised calculators for you to analyse your own numbers.

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